The true road to power

Comment from E-mail

What you said in one of your comments, "I often wonder why I remained the person I always wanted to be, from late high school on. I wanted to be an engineer and then a 5th grade teacher and I wanted a computer someday and I wanted to be nice to people and I wanted to tell and make jokes and I wanted a family and home. It couldn't have come truer for me." Most people could dismiss this as power, I see it as the true road to power. Most revisit "wealth and power", aren't they roots to all evil? Your POWER is clean and fresh.


Thank you for your kind comment. My own comment is just plain out and out the truth. I had my happiness for life long before Apple, I assure you. Mostly it's in how a person thinks and acts and what's important and how true they can stay to what they say they really want when they are young