Moore's Law

Comment from E-mail

Dear Woz:
Thank you so much for your contributions to the computer revolution which ultimately led to the G4 sitting on my desk! My first computer was an Apple IIGS and my second my G4 which I got in September. I took Video Arts for two years in high school and was amazed at how well the Power Macs at our school could edit video in a better way than our linear editors. However computers today are not as reliable as they were in the Apple II and 680x0 era - my G4 has crashed more times today than my Apple IIGS ever did (maybe Mac OS X will solve most of this) - does this bother you? Also what are your feelings about a computer made by the company you founded rivaling the performance of a Cray and do you ever think the expansion will ever slow down enough that we can finally buy a computer without a new one coming out 3 months later that's 10 times better?


The slowdown hasn't happened in 50 years. Perhaps when Moore's Law hits some roadblocks, and parallelism reaches it's limits too...