"It's a Wonderful Mac"

Comment from E-mail

I just wanted to say thanks for your contributions to the world of computers. I reminded of the spoof Macaddict I think it was, did with "It's a Wonderful Mac" based on It's a Wonderful Life.

What a different world it would be had you not developed the Apple Computer. Well, that's just too scary to think about so I will just say good job, thank you bringing me my beloved Mac. ..DV


While teaching, I often wished I was 10 years old again so that this time I could grow up with the computers that I always loved and wanted. But then it occurred to me that I'm lucky to have seen the 'before' and the 'during' in order to see how great a change to life has happened. In earlier years, I never could have dreamed of such rapid advancements, well, changes anyway.