January 4, 2018

Comment from E-mail

I am a minor partner in a small business and i see alot of people being stepped on, and hurt in the business world and corporate America all day long in one way or another. I want to tell you that it truly touched & inspired me to see a person with a good heart such as yourself in a high powerful position exercise compassion for even the little people. I know you are genuine & a real person, and that you put people first. This is the future of the business world as we slowly grow up as a whole and this is what motivates me and i want to thank you.


I could never understand or admire that ‘political’ aspect of business. I wish that business ran by a predicable formula for what works and what doesn’t and not by personal whims of those in power. It’s funny, but at first the personal computers were intended to give us individuals power to rise above the powerful people and corporations. But now, even the internet is being used to spoon feed us ads and track our lives without our knowing it in order to help these powerful institutions.