Posted on Wed, 09/04/2013

Of the three Apple cofounders, the two we know best couldn't have been more different from each other – Steve Wozniak was the yin to Steve Jobs' yang.

Posted on Fri, 08/30/2013

“Everybody says, ‘oh my gosh, two years have passed and we need something really new and great from Apple’,” he said. “Well yeah, great advances for mankind don't happen every year.” Wozniak was answering a question about whether Apple had lost its innovative edge since Tim Cook took over the helm at Cupertino. But his remarks are telling and show how ludicrous things have got that a wholly rejigged iPhone 5S, albeit with a similar design, is dismissed outright as iterative and unexciting in some quarters.

Posted on Tue, 08/20/2013

Wozniak didn't comment on how he himself was portrayed in the film (by actor Josh Gad), but did have praise for the performances. 'I thought the acting throughout was good. I was attentive and entertained but not greatly enough to recommend the movie,' Wozniak wrote.

Posted on Sat, 08/17/2013

Wozniak Says `Lot of Things Wrong' With Jobs Movie

Posted on Mon, 08/12/2013

Surprising trivia this morning about the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory—which centers on comically geeky physicist roommates—and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. The former so poignantly captures the social awkwardness of the science- and engineering-minded that it moves the latter to tears. “I really, totally empathize with all the [characters] that have relationship problems,” Wozniak recently told Vulture, “because I was there at a part in my life, and I still don’t really know how to talk to people.

Posted on Thu, 08/01/2013

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is covered incessantly throughout the financial--and cultural--blogosphere, so it's likely that you're well versed on Bob Mansfield's decision to move to "special projects" for Cupertino, or Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX)'s surprising call to use the Apple TV to test the rollout of its new user profile system. There are, however, some pieces of media that you probably haven't seen. Old text files buried in the remnants of the Web 1.0, or YouTube videos entombed deep within the recesses of endless cat videos, disaster countdowns, or competitive eatings contest training (don't believe us on this last one? Check out Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)'s YouTube for yourself then!).

Posted on Wed, 07/24/2013

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Electronic Arts co-founder Trip Hawkins will hold keynote talks at this year's Apps World event in London. Wozniak, who started up the technology giant with Steve Jobs in 1976, will field audience questions and discuss his experiences in the industry at the free-to-attend Developer World on the morning of October 23.

​Woz, Bernt Wahl and Doug Engelbart.

Posted on Wed, 07/10/2013

Woz, Bernt Wahl, Doug Engelbart
Bernt Rainer Wahl is a mathematician, entrepreneur and author. He was an early pioneer in the field of Chaos and Fractal Geometry and authored Exploring Fractals (1994) and co-authored The Fractal Explorer (1991). 

​Douglas Carl Engelbart (January 30, 1925 – July 2, 2013) was an American engineer and inventor, and an early computer and Internet pioneer. He is best known for his work on the challenges of human–computer interaction, particularly while at his Augmentation Research Center Lab in SRI International, resulting in the invention of the computer mouse,[6] and the development of hypertext, networked computers, and precursors to graphical user interfaces.[7]

Posted on Wed, 07/10/2013

AN Original Apple computer has sold for $US387,750 ($427,000) at auction - far below estimates that it could fetch $500,0000. The Apple-1, one of the first 25 Apple-1's ever made, was hand built in 1976 by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who even signed it "Woz". The computer was sold at a Christie's online auction of vintage technology items.

Posted on Mon, 07/08/2013

"Yeah, there’s some debate. So it’s a tiny thing. It’s only one thing in life, but he did tell me that we would get paid 700 bucks, then he wrote me a check for 350 dollars, and he got paid thousands. So, whatever. But he should have told me differently because we were such close friends. The fun of doing it overrides anything like that. Who cares about money? Well, I do care about friendship and honesty."