Posted on Mon, 03/31/2014

Watch Woz deliver a Mac to Emma, a girl who freaks out when she realises her idol is at the door carrying her new computer. As Emma’s father says in the video: “This is like having your lightbulbs delivered by Thomas Edison”.

Posted on Thu, 03/13/2014

When asked why he doesn't have a Netflix subscription, he responded "I don't have high enough broadband speed where I live, I've got a lousy phone company. So, basically, I don't watch television, I just download films from iTunes - although sometimes I have to wait 13 hours for one movie to download.

Posted on Thu, 03/13/2014

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and World Wide Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee have both given their support for CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden, with Wozniak calling him a hero while Berners-Lee said that Snowden and others like him deserved protection for bringing wrongdoing to public attention.

Posted on Mon, 03/10/2014

Steve Wozniak, well known and legendary Apple cofounder, joining us in Johannesburg.

Posted on Thu, 02/20/2014

18 February 2014 –  IEEE President and CEO J. Roberto de Marca (right) presents the 66th Hoover Medal to Apple Computer Co-Founder Steve Wozniak (left) in Los Angeles, CA, USA, on 17 February 2014. The award is presented to an engineer whose professional achievements and personal endeavors have advanced the well-being of humankind and is administered by a board representing five engineering organizations: The American Society of Mechanical Engineers; the American Society of Civil Engineers; the American Institute of Chemical Engineers; the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers; and IEEE.  

Posted on Wed, 02/05/2014

“H equals S minus F,” Wozniak said. “Happiness equals Smiles minus Frowns. That’s what life’s all about.”

Posted on Thu, 01/30/2014

MOON TWP. -- It was befitting the age Steve Wozniak helped create: Following a Wednesday afternoon lecture at Robert Morris University, the co-founder of Apple Computers autographed the backs of dozens and dozens of iPhones.

Posted on Wed, 01/22/2014

I was hosting a show at the Punchline and Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple!) showed up. He was nice/bored enough to stick around afterward to chat people up and hand out his insanely cool, metal business cards. I still have mine.

Posted on Thu, 12/26/2013

Steve Wozniak, more fondly known as Woz, co-founded Apple with his friends Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne. He invented the Apple I and Apple II in the 70s before leaving Apple in 1987, but that certainly wasn't the end of Woz in the media. He's quite the chatterbox, and, here at Macworld, we rather enjoy trying to guess what on Earth he's going to say next.

Posted on Tue, 12/17/2013

Los Gatos' most famous town resident Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will be the featured speaker at the 2014 Local Search Association Conference April 27-29, 2014 in Huntington Beach. Los Gatos Patch messaged the "Woz" on Facebook to inquire what he would be speaking about, discussion topics and such.