Mac 128K

My hat is off to you sir

Comment from E-mail

I just wanted to say that I've been using Apple products @ school...@ work...@ home since the Apple ][.

Serious BASIC programming was on an Apple ][... (my first programming experience was on a BALLY Astrocade with the BASIC cartridge...I still have both...circa 1981.)

My term papers were written on Mac 128k & 512k computers...

I was one of the first in my design class @ college to use a Mac...a Mac II, I think...before they became an industry standard...

I currently own a PPC 7500 that's paid for itself 3 or 4 times (original value).

I just wanted to say...thank you for starting a wonderful computer company and being one hell of a nice guy. Anybody that gives away co. stock to employees that have none...well, my hat is off to you sir. This email is loooong assured I will always be a will my kids...and anyone else I can influence.


It was a big deal to give the stock to people that were along for the incredible ride the first couple years of our company. It was rare and brave and right. I don't know why the definition of right and wrong change once you 'get there'.

I don't find the hardware as reliable as it used to be

Question from E-mail

My first computer was an Apple III although I learned to program basic on my best friends TRS-80. I was just a little curious on your thought on this old machine. It still works and has never required maintenance. Actually I have a IIe, a IIgs and a 128 mac that still work and have never required maintenance. I work in an Apple Authorized service center and own more current machines. I just don't find the hardware as reliable as it used to be. Is it just my imagination? PS. I have enjoyed reading through your website.


Hey, thanks for contributing to the website too. I always have a problem getting bio materials to people. Now I can refer them to the website.

I hope that we meet some day. I admire people that had much the same computers as you did, that these little machines meant that much to them.

I'm sorry if this note is too egotistical. I'm trying to be polite and complete and have something meaningful to say.

Mac 512, Signed

Question from Susan

My first Mac (which still works) was a 512 "Enhanced" with all the signatures inside. Can you tell me more about this model? Thank You, Susan


Steve Jobs felt that the early Mac should be very closed to have good control over what it was and did. But that left oversights like memory expansion. So the 128K 'first' Mac had to soon be replaced by the 512K model (as RAM prices dropped).

The original Macs had the signatures inside. It's pretty cool. Despite the fact that my plane crash had taken me out of Apple and through college and into promoting rock concerts, many of the Mac team felt that they'd been so influenced by me that they included me among the signaturees.